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Over the last 30 years, I have owned multiple successful companies in real estate.

I have learned the secrets and systems to save 30%-50% on a house renovation, and save thousands of dollars!!!

Come join me for a free training session that will teach you how to save money on your next house renovation!!!


 You Should Learn...

How To Manage Your Own House Renovation.

Money is hard to come by, but you have saved enough to start thinking seriously about a home renovation like a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a finished basement.

You have talked to your neighbors and friends about a house renovation, and it all boils down to this.

It is really hard to find quality and reliable contractors who will show up when they are supposed to, and provide quality work that is on time and on budget.

Trust me...I understand your fear and frustrations about the whole renovation process.

Since the 1980s, I have renovated thousands of residential and commercial properties all across North America. I have gained a wealth of lessons, strategies, and a bunch of secrets to help you renovate your home and save thousands of dollars.

How much would it mean to you, if you saved thousands of dollars on your next house renovation?READ MY STORY


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List the areas of the house that need work, and my unique calculator will show you how much to budget for that renovation!!!

But Hey...Don't Take My Word For It!!!

"I was so afraid of managing the renovation myself, and with Van's help I was able to overcome my fear. I saved thousands of dollars, and I was in control of the whole process. It was an amazing experience! Thank you, Van.

Jessica Wilkenings

Orlando, Florida

"I felt so empowered with the support that Van gave me, and I was able to manage the whole renovation on my condo and get the best quality products and workmanship. 



Toronto, Ontario

"Renovating my house was easy, as I had the everything planned out ahead of time and I knew exactly what to do. I didn't experience any issues as I was pretty prepared for the whole project. Thanks!



Chicago, Illinois


Work With Van

Raise Your Skills,

Confidence & Pride

I love helping people...

I want to work with individuals who are totally motivated to take action and take control of their renovation projects. 

I love seeing people succeed and overcome adversity.

My goal is to assist you in finding the confidence and strength within you, and shepherd you through the process to success. 

Whether it is a quick confirmation on the next move or help on an unexpected problem, I wanted you to have the confidence in knowing that I will be there every step of the way!

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